Our eggs.... Free range and fantastic!

Cackle BeanTraditional Free Range Egg Co

What makes them
oh so special?

We work with high welfare, free range producers specially chosen for their ethical and high quality production systems.

Free range ensures a long and happy life for hens and also delivers superior flavour and colour for chefs.  The First Choice team have searched exhaustively for the best eggs suppliers so that you don't have to; with a dozen different types of hen eggs, Emu, Ostrich, Duck, Turkey, Guinea, Pheasant, Quail, Bantam and Gulls eggs (in season only)  we are guaranteed to deliver the freshest and most flavoursome eggs for your diners

Waddling free Duck eggs: 

Rich and alluring with a vibrantly yellow yolk; a humble duck egg
from The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, Somerset, beat off competition from 10,000
other food and drink entries to achieve the highly coveted Great Taste
3-star award.
Their life on the farm can only influence the taste, texture and appearance of the Waddling Free duck eggs through the careful nurturing of their feathered flock.
They also won three Taste of the West Gold awards in 2015.

Great Taste judges considered Waddling Free to be “perfection in a duck
egg”, with other comments including “proud standing and succulent” and
“a beautiful firm egg with a burst of sunshine in the yolk, great

Arlington whites - these eggs are now recognised as one of the best available to the London Restaurant trade

Available all year round

Bantam eggs - 50/50 egg to white ratio and about half the size of a regular large hen's egg

Available March to October

Pheasant eggs - rich in flavour with brightly coloured strong yolks, utterly delicious!

Available March through to September

Turkey eggs - Richly flavoured with a smooth silky texture

Available March to September

Guinea fowl eggs -intensely flavoured and coloured yolks, less gamey than Pheasant eggs

Available April to September

Ostrich Eggs - Each egg weighing almost  2 kg and roughly the equivalent of twenty-four large hens eggs. 

With a distinctive light flavour and texture they are ideal for cooking

An Ostrich egg takes 50 mins to soft boil and two hours to hard boil an ostrich egg but worth the wait.

Available late March to early September

The result are rich, flavoursome eggs 
that are consistently of the highest quality.

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