Micro Cress, micro veg and edible flowers

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We work with the most technically advanced and adventurous producers of micro leaves, flowers and veg in Europe. 

From menu standard cresses through to niche products our relationship with Chefs drives innovation in our suppliers.  We all strive to be one step ahead of a trend, delivering the flavours, the look and the style that sets your menu apart.

Is there a product you are looking for? Is there a flavour that you need for a dish? Our growers are responsive, why not challenge them to source something new for you?

First Choice delivers what you are looking for

Availability on many lines changes weekly, please download a weekly check sheet and speak to your account manager

You can download and view specialist reports below.

Koppert Cress Week 19 Westlands Availability Sheet 30 03 17 Koppert Feb 6Th Archived Reports