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“It’s well over a decade that Dan and his team have been delivering us fruit and vegetables of great quality. it’s always a pleasure to work with First Choice.”

Yotam Ottolenghi Ottolenghi & NOPI
Cacklebean Eggs Westlands WOW! Blackacre Farm Eggs

“Professional service all round, I would recommend to anyone in the industry”

Julian O’Neill Quod Brasserie, the Old Bank Hotel, Oxford

“Finding a reliable, flexible, honest and consistent quality supply of fresh produce is not always easy. Working with First Choice is how it should be. It's all in the detail, quality and service”

Executive chef, Jamie Welch for Marriott Grosvenor Square, London
Nutbourne Nurseries Ringden Farm Tythe Barn Farm GrowUp

“Their produce is always the best there is, their service and knowledge second to none" ”

Paul Merritt, The Victoria
Tiptree Cacklebean Eggs Westlands WOW! Blackacre Farm Eggs Nutbourne Nurseries Ringden Farm Tythe Barn Farm GrowUp



With the farm now covering 850 acres, Wilkin & Sons are now growing more fruit than ever. Quality and flavour govern the growing of the fruit and the Tiptree 'Little Scarlet' strawberries are a prime example. They grow all the most popular fruits such as strawberries, plums and cherries but they also grow medlars, quinces, damsons and mulberries. Farming to the exacting standards of LEAF (Linking the Environment and Farming), Tiptree follow the same ethos that we do in terms of husbandry and sustainability.

Cacklebean Eggs

Cackleberry Farm is nestled at the bottom of a hill just outside Stow-on-the-Wold. Run by Paddy and Steph Bourns, their rare breed flocks live in traditional chicken houses with perches on 12 acres of land and are entirely free range. Paddy and Steph have recently launched their new pure white egg – The Arlington White, which we at First Choice are delighted to be able to bring to kitchens across London and the Home Counties. It's working with dedicated, caring farmers like Paddy and Steph that make our job even more enjoyable.

Westlands WOW!

Westlands WOW!

Westlands has developed into the UK's largest commercial growers of cut micro leaf and speciality produce. With a range of produce unrivalled in quality, consistency and diversity. Working closely with Peter, Will and their highly skilled team, we are at the forefront of helping them develop and research the next big thing in micros and produce. Ranging from tomatoes to flowers, sea vegetables to micro veg, the range that Westlands carry is extensive and very impressive. With flavour and appearance both taking centre stage, there are few who can rival these growers in terms of dedication and knowledge.

Blackacre Farm Eggs

Blackacre Farm Eggs

Blackacre Farm provide us with the most delicious and nutritious free range eggs. Having been farming for over 35 years, they understand that truly free range hens, ducks and quails lay the very best eggs. With love, care, freedom and fresh air at the heart of their operation, it is easy to see why Dan and Briony lay claim to some of the best eggs out there. First Choice now offer their free-range hen eggs and their Waddling Free duck eggs.

Nutbourne Nurseries

Set in a tranquil area of Sussex, Gary and his family grow some of the UK's finest tomatoes under just 0.41 hectares of glass. Growing a large range of heritage tomatoes from Coeur de Boeuf to Santorange, they are now experts in this field where flavour and yield are the main factors under consideration. Their state-of-the art operation is a hydroponic system in two glasshouses, in production from March to November. Bringing the best of the tomatoes to us three times a week, Gary ensures that only those which make the grade end up in our customer's kitchens.

Ringden Farm

Originally founded in 1949, this family owned-and run company know all there is to know about growing all manner of stone and soft fruits. Renowned for their heritage varieties of British apples and pears, we share the same mentality when it comes to growing, harvesting and husbandry. Realising the demand for fresh farm juice, more money was invested into the juicing side of the farm, until eventually the juice production was all enclosed in its own building, with four full time members of production staff.

Tythe Barn Farm

Found in the rolling landscapes of Worcestershire, the farmers at Tythe Barn grow all of our British favourites with the least impact to the environment possible (more about that on our Sustainability page). From purple sprouting broccoli to kale, from squashes to rhubarb, the effort and care that go into growing fresh produce for us is second to none.



Our farming technique takes the waste water from our aquaculture system system and uses it as the natural fertiliser for our greens. Our controlled growing environment means we can grow delicious salads and herbs year-round with no pesticides or insecticides. GrowUp greens are grown to order and delivered to customers within 12 hours of harvest, so you get the freshest product with a great flavour. We love working with First Choice because they are as passionate about great food as we are. They understand that quality and taste is of the upmost importance to their customers, and they’re always excited to tell the story of how they’ve sourced their products - which means we know that our salads will get talked about with the best chefs in London.